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What Makes AofH Different from most Agencies?

Abundance of Hope Center's Programs are focused on the improvement of family and community. Each program is structured around rebuilding family values, instilling a sense of commitment to community and teaching our youth healthy relationship and self-sufficiency skills. Check out some of our program features below!



Family reunification 

We understand that a problematic home environment is one of the leading causes of youth homelessness. As such, In cases where returning home is a safe option our staff works diligently to repair a damaged parent-child relationship and implement resources, mediation, counseling and other supports to enable youth to return to a happier, more functional home environment. Our goal is to keep families thriving together!


Educational workshops

We think it’s important for youth to understand how their choices impact their lives as well as the community as a whole. That’s why we teach interactive workshops on a variety of topics relative to healthy relationship building and good decision making. Our Healthy Relationships workshop is just one way we teach youth the importance of making responsible life choices. Other educational workshops includes Functional and Dysfunctional Relationship Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Literacy  and Responsibility, Consent & Boundaries workshop, Nurture/Neglect Garden and much more!



Community awareness

Community accountability is woven into every aspect of our programs. Through volunteering our participants learn that there are many ways to learn valuable skills while giving back and improving the quality of life for another person and the neighborhoods with whom we live. Youth are taught to engage in their community through volunteering and partnerships.


Mind and Body Wellness

Incorporating yoga and meditation in our programs are giving youth a chance to connect with themselves and become aware of their own bodies and placement in the universe. Participants will gain strength and improve their flexibility and coordination. Schools and institutions that have incorporated similar models have succeeded in the form of calmer students and lower numbers of behaviors leading to disciplinary actions.


We assist youth anywhere in the world

While most Agencies only serve participants within their demographic area AofH serves a greater population. AofH is willing to provide resources and services to any youth who is able to access us.  

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