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Abundance of Hope Center's Housing Assistance Program offer housing assistance to at-risk youth who are experiencing homelessness or unstable housing situations. This can include emergency shelter, transitional housing, and rental assistance.


Abundance of hope-giving hope by gifting a home

At Abundance of Hope Center, we know that a safe and secure home is one of the most important foundations for a successful life. That's why we are passionate about providing housing stability for at-risk youth.

We work tirelessly to find every opportunity to provide housing for our youth, and are excited to partner with Wells Properties to launch a Rent-Free Apartment Giveaway!


This program offers an at-risk youth an apartment for a full year, rent-free. If you know of someone in need, contact us today to nominate them.

"Creating a Pathway to Stability and Security for Those Struggling with Homelessness."


Abundance of Hope Center strives to provide a safe haven for young people who require immediate shelter from the harsh streets and elements. Our compassionate team works tirelessly to connect at-risk youth with emergency housing resources, ensuring that they are kept away from danger. To access these vital resources, young people can reach out to our caring team, complete a brief assessment, and be matched with suitable housing options. Our short-term housing program is designed to provide a secure environment while youth work with supportive staff to find a more permanent solution, including long-term housing or reunification with their family.

Your amazing support helps us provide services to at-risk youth.

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