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 Leadership Staff


Founder & Director

Pamela Green

Pamela possesses an extensive 20-year experience in the public sector, initially serving as an educator in the Special Education field at the Portland Public School District. Driven by her commitment to supporting youth in need, Pamela transitioned into the role of a Youth Care Specialist at an Emergency, Short-term Youth Shelter, where she gained valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by at-risk youth and their families. Through her dedicated work and personal experiences, Pamela has gained significant knowledge and expertise in providing comprehensive care to vulnerable youth, with a particular focus on addressing their holistic needs.

Pamela's personal experience as a single parent has further enriched her understanding of the struggles and obstacles that young people from underprivileged backgrounds face. In raising her two sons and ten daughters, Pamela instilled in them the importance of integrity, values, and community service, which has further fueled her passion for empowering at-risk youth to become positive contributors to society.

Pamela firmly believes that addressing the needs of at-risk youth through holistic care is essential for their well-being and for the betterment of society as a whole. She recognizes that the youth are the future, and investing in their personal and professional development is crucial for creating a brighter tomorrow. Pamela's commitment to this cause and her expertise in providing positive outcomes for vulnerable youth make her a powerful catalyst for youth empowerment.

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Donation and Funding Coordinator


Ela is a compassionate and dedicated professional with a background in psychology, procurement and donor relations, property management, and administrative and customer relations. As the Donor Relation Manager, she has been instrumental in acquiring and managing donor contributions to render aid to those in need. Ela brings a unique perspective to her role due to her background in psychology education. Her expertise in managing properties for low-income individuals and families has helped her develop a keen sense of resource allocation and strategic planning. With exceptional communication skills and a customer-centric approach, Ela is a trusted point of contact for donors and recipients. Ela enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in her local community, and advocating for social justice issues in her free time.

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Youth  and Family Advocate


 Valenna has been involved in child welfare and education for more than two decades and has become deeply committed to advocating for these causes. She is a proud mother of a teenager and understands the challenges and joys of raising a child. Her experiences as a mother have given her a unique perspective on parents’ important role as advocates for their children and in schools and medical systems.

Throughout her career, Valenna has worked with various organizations that support children's and youth's education and well-being. She has mentored at-risk youth, worked as a teacher in early childhood education, and volunteered with various community organizations.

As an advocate for children and youth, Valenna believes education is critical to keeping children and youth out of the legal system. She is passionate about educating parents on navigating the school system and ensuring their children and youth receive the best education possible. By empowering parents with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for their children and youth, Valenna hopes to create a brighter future for all children and youth. 

 Valenna holds a Bachelor's in Social Services and an Associate's in Early Childhood Education. Through her educational background, professional life, and personal experiences, she has obtained the wisdom, aptitude, perseverance, and expertise to work effectively with kids, young people, and their families.

In her free time, Valenna enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and volunteering with local organizations that support youth. 

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Interim Program Manager


As an experienced professional with a passion for helping vulnerable communities, Genna began her career in the field of early childhood education. Over time, she developed a keen interest in early intervention services that focused on providing positive outcomes for at-risk youth.

With extensive experience working in the fields of Early Childhood Education and non-profit organizations, Genna has held leadership roles that have allowed her to address vast geographic, socioeconomic, and sociodemographic service gaps affecting communities across the United States and beyond.

As a Program Director at Child and Youth Partnerships, Genna led various youth-based initiatives locally and internationally. She designed and structured programs that connected youth with personalized, comprehensive intervention support and provided guidance and support to research investigators as they conducted interdisciplinary research projects aimed at revolutionizing intervention services for children and youth.

Genna also worked as a Program Manager of Youth Services at Hestia, a domestic abuse support service. Her priority is to actively engage in improving the lives of individuals who are marginalized due to societal, governmental systems, and personal circumstances.

Throughout all her roles, Genna has worked extensively with service users, ensuring that they are at the heart of everything she does. As someone who grew up in a disadvantaged community, she understands the importance of the services provided by Abundance of Hope Center, where she is currently a part of the dedicated team.

In addition to her professional career, Genna is a Children's book author, educator, mother, and social justice activist who advocates for a global community and is committed to supporting at-risk youth on an international scale.


Angeilea Yancey

Board Secretary 

Angeilea’ Yancey-Watson is a Tacoma, WA native. Angeilea received her dual bachelors in Community psychology and Health Administration from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) in 2017. Since then, her career has been focused on the advocacy and care coordination for underrepresented populations. Angeilea became a certified in-home caregiver in 2014, which was the catalyst to discovering her passion for African American behavioral health. Her community health journey has led to currently coordinating African-American Reach and Teach Health Ministry’s  Elders Living & Aging Well program. 


Angeilea is intentional about using health promotion to expose new ways of social awareness. She is dedicated to AofH’s board to by discovering and increasing existing resources that improve quality of life.

Da'Vonya Jackson

Board Member

Da'Vonya Jackson is a native of Seattle, WA with roots stemming from the inner Central District Area. Growing up she attended Garfield High School and later on obtained an AA degree in Human Services from Highline College. Although her professional background is in DV Services and Human Trafficking, she has also spent countless hours volunteering with the homeless population . As a mother of 2, she devotes her love, time and wisdom to her children and family. 

Business Meeting

AofH board is made up of community leaders that are tired of the status quo! These individuals represent the communities we serve and are highly motivated, passionate and dedicated to being the driving force behind the changes we want to see in our communities and the systems that affect us.

Sounds like you??

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