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AofH Services

Inhale Program

Back to School Pop Up Shop annually provides free clothing, shoes, school supplies, hygiene items and accessories to At Risk Youth and their families for back to school time. 

Consent & Boundaries workshop encourages youth to consider their own likes and dislikes, how they like to be treated and regarded and what's right for their bodies. Youth engage with real life examples from pop culture to define and explore explore concepts such as consent, boundaries, and red flags.

CSEC Training is for any person to become aware of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and how to help.

Denormalizing Violence Panel Discussion series brings the community together to discuss normalized violence in micro and macro systems.  AofH staff lead participants though analysis of how our relationships, communities, and cultures can reinforce violence in daily life and tactic for denormalization. 

Equity Chat is for nonprofits, schools, for profit organizations and other service providers valuing equity and addressing racial disparities. Participants are encouraged to draw on personal and professional experiences. Participants should be prepared to confront hard to have, but much needed conversations about workplace support, how bias affect outcomes and how to better support our most marginalized demographics.


Healthy Relationships workshop offers youth ages 18-25 a safe and non judgmental space to discuss dating, red flags and healthy relationships. Participants will also be invited to participate in or observe mock speed dating! Youth Domestic Violence, housing and homelessness resources are also available. 

Manifest Your Future: goal setting workshop introduces youth to positive and realistic goal setting and manifestation, encouraging them to plan for life "after schooling".

Street Outreach & Clean Up is environmental beautification and check in in the community. Abundance of Hope Center has adopted Rainier Ave S.

Winter Drive is an annual collaboration with community to gather and distribute hats, scarfs, coats, socks underwear and other winter gear for unsheltered youth.

Bring an AofH Training or Workshop to your Facility!

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Our Core Mantras 

Inhale: Take in a deep breath that signifies pulling in the strength and courage to move forward and make positive changes

Exhale: Air is released and relaxed knowing your focus is on SELF; self needs, wants, concerns and how to's

Breathe: Rest easy knowing you have gathered the necessary tools to set the foundation for self-sufficiency and self-care.

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