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Youth Hope!

Youth services

Homelessness Prevention

Our homelessness prevention program  offers a range of services to youth at risk of homelessness. These services include:

Mentoring and Job readiness support

AofH works in partnership with other community organisations to match youth with the most suitable Mentor specific to populations, such as the immigrant and refugee community, the Indigenous community, and other vulnerable groups (e.g. LGBTQIA+ youth).

Mental Health Support

We offer mental health support to at-risk youth struggling with mental health issues, including access to counseling and therapy  services.

The school-to-prison pipeline is a phenomenon where students, particularly those from marginalized communities, are pushed out of schools and into the criminal justice system. AofH aims to address this issue by providing support to at-risk youth and their families, as well as advocating for policy changes.

Bring an AofH Training or Workshop to your Facility!

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Our Core Mantras 

Inhale: Take in a deep breath that signifies pulling in the strength and courage to move forward and make positive changes

Exhale: Air is released and relaxed knowing your focus is on SELF; self needs, wants, concerns and how to's

Breathe: Rest easy knowing you have gathered the necessary tools to set the foundation for self-sufficiency and self-care.

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