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Abundance of Hope 's Community Impact


Healing & Educational Workshops

AofH healing circles and educational workshops cater to our participants mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Curriculum is added and edited based on the needs of our participants. 

Outreach & Engagement

AofH pop up outreach and engagement provides At Risk youth and their families with a quality, seasonal, free boutique shopping experience as well as community beautification and cleansing.


Emergency Services

"Delivering Abundance of Hope in Times of Emergency"

At Abundance of Hope Center, we understand the importance of providing at-risk youth with the support and resources needed to overcome any crisis they may face. Our team is dedicated to helping the community and providing essential items to those in need. We are also available to connect at-risk youth to crisis intervention services such as emergency shelter, domestic violence support, counseling, and mental health support. We have partnered with other service providers to ensure our clients have the best possible chance at success.

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