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Abundance of Hope staff understands the importance of building trust with the community through transparency, relationship building and sharing our ideas and opinions on relevant topics in the community. Please enjoy our #JustLookVlog series, where leadership shares their opinions and thoughts on topics ranging from "Cancel Culture" to "The Housing Industry in King County"! This series is real and raw! Catch new episodes on YouTube and Facebook!

Nonprofit collaborations

Protect Black Women!!

KC Executive Budget

Performative Allyship

Grants, Gatekeeping & Wasting Black Led time

Over-policing the Black Community

Resting on a limited understanding of homelessness prevents accurate and effective interventions. Enjoy our #RedefiningHomelessness video series, changing the narrative on homelessness.
Homelessness & Unemployment
Intentional Donations  
Youth Homelessness
Homelessness & Mental Health 
Homelessness Service Providers 
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